Arthritis Friendly Exercises Relieve Pain and Stiffness

Osteoarthritis often becomes a health issue as people age. It affects the joints, breaking down the cartilage, causing connective tissue to deteriorate, and damaging the bone.  Joints that are most often affected are the hips, knees, and hands. People can also develop arthritis in parts of their spine. Symptoms of arthritis include pain, stiffness, and … Continued

women with arthritis does exercises to strength arms

Quality Sleep May Be Challenging for Seniors

Aging adults often experience sleep difficulties. Physical and mental conditions can interfere with sleep, as can medications commonly taken by seniors. Lack of sleep can impact quality of life and raises the risk of accidents and falls in older adults. Long-term effects of sleep deprivation include inability to concentrate, mood changes, memory problems, and a … Continued

Senior man turning off alarm clock

Why Are Seniors Always Cold?

Do you find yourself getting colder as you age? You are not alone. Many seniors struggle with keeping warm, but why do seniors tend to get cold, even when others around them seem fine? Many different factors can cause seniors to feel cold. Let’s Talk About Why Seniors Are Always Cold Slower Metabolic Rate Your … Continued

Meet Rosemary H., Lover Of The Arts

Rosemary H. was born on May 17, 1954, at Los Angeles Doctor’s Hospital. She was the third daughter of four children and had two older sisters and a younger brother. She did not feel like they were poor, but they did not have a lot of money or things. Rosemary recalls owning two TVs that … Continued

Old man and woman doing stretching exercise to help prevent common fall risks for seniors

Ways To Smooth Your Parent’s Transition To Assisted Living

Making the transition from independent living to assisted living is an adjustment. Your parent may face challenges as they downsize or cope with aging. Support your parent and smooth the transition in several ways. Make the Decision Together Ensure your parent offers input into where they will live. Together, make a list of everything they … Continued

Senior man reviewing assisted living with his adult daughter

Napping Dos & Don’ts for Seniors

Everyone enjoys a good nap now and then. As we age, we may take advantage of those naps more often. With this in mind, it’s essential to understand the impacts of napping on the aging senior. So, let’s look at the dos and don’ts of napping. Why Are Seniors Napping? Well, they are tired. Right? … Continued

Hearing Impairment as You Age

Hearing loss is much more common than you think. While most people think of loud noises as causing hearing impairment, age can also contribute to the problem. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, incidences of hearing loss increase with age. Among those between 60 and 69, 39% have some form … Continued

adjusting of a hearing aid for an aged woman

Recognizing Urinary Tract Infections in the Elderly

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are one of the most commonly diagnosed health problems in the elderly population.  They tend to affect more women than men.  Most UTIs involve the bladder and urethra, but infection can sometimes spread to the kidneys.  Untreated UTIs in older adults can develop into a serious medical condition, putting seniors at … Continued

Old age, health problem and people concept - senior woman suffering from stomach ache at home. Senior woman suffering from stomach pain from UTI at home

From The Air Force to TAB Operating: Meet George P.

George P. has a rich Spanish history. His father was from Barcelona, Spain, and married a woman from El Salvador. George was born in Ecuador, and four years after he was born, his family moved to San Francisco, California. His father was a Merchant Marine, and he remembers him being in and out of the … Continued

Air Force

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