VA Benefits

Veteran’s Aid & Assistance Benefits

Renaissance Villages is proud to be home to many veterans and their spouses, and we are committed to honoring our veterans by helping them get the benefits they deserve. We have trusted partnerships with elder law attorneys and organizations that specialize in expediting the application process to ensure veterans see their benefits sooner.

What is Aid & Attendance?

The Aid & Attendance Pension provides veterans and their surviving spouses benefits to help reduce the cost of assisted living and senior care.

Who is Eligible?

  • Wartime Veterans or the surviving spouse (marriage must have ended due to death of veteran), aged 65 or older or permanently disabled, and in need of assisted living.
  • Veterans must have served at least 90 continuous days of active duty, with at least one day during a time of war.
  • Veterans must have received an honorable, general or medical discharge.

Applicants must have on average less than $138,489 in assets, excluding their primary home and vehicle.

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Wartime Eligibility Dates
of Service:

  • World War II: 12/07/1941 – 12/31/1946
  • Korean War: 06/27/1950 – 1/31/1955
  • Vietnam I (Must have been in country): 2/28/1961 – 8/4/1964
  • Vietnam II: 8/5/1964 – 5/7/1975
  • Mideast Conflicts: 8/20/1990 – Present

Maximum Monthly Benefit Amount for 2024:

  • Single Veteran: $2,300
  • Married Veteran: $2,727
  • Two Vets Married: $3,649
  • Surviving Spouse: $1,478

Please note that all benefits are tax free.

Have more questions regarding Aid & Attendance & how to apply? Give us a call or visit U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for more information.

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