Preparing for
“The Talk”

talking about senior living and a senior center

If you are considering senior living or a senior center for an aging parent or loved one there is usually a reason. This can range from safety concerns, physical change, isolation and loneliness, memory lapses or another health concern. Seeing a loved one’s health fail as they age is always difficult. In addition, it is often something we do not necessarily want to admit is happening. More importantly, something your parent won’t want to admit either. However, it’s important to address before you must rush to decide because their health has gotten worse.

having the talk

Having the talk with your aging parent or loved one may be a tough conversation, but it’s necessary to include them in an on-going dialogue. As a result, the conversation can get emotional, and you might find yourself met with anger or resistance. It’s very important to be sensitive of your parents’ feelings throughout the conversation.

Your parent or loved one has lived their life independently and may not be ready for that to change. There are many emotions and fears running through their own minds as well as they are confronted with their own aging. This can range from admitting weakness, being a burden or even abandoned. Be sure to share your concerns and emphasize the need to ensure their safety and quality of life are well looked after.

There are plenty of options for senior living that fit your loved one’s specific needs. Most importantly, it’s crucial to get your loved one out to tour the communities with you. Renaissance Villages offers Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care in beautiful, resort-style communities. Each senior community is purpose-built and allows our residents to age in place, removing the stress associated with changes in health or care needs.

How you or your loved one will pay for this expense is also something you’ll need to discuss. Trusted advisors such as CPAs and financial planners can help in identify how to best approach the different financial options. In addition, Veteran’s benefits can also aid for those seeking care.

support from renaissance villages

Renaissance Villages understand what you’re going through and we want you to know that you’re not alone in this process. We are happy to help in any capacity we can. In conclusion, to learn more about the care and community at Renaissance Villages, we encourage you to stop by our Murrieta location and experience the Renaissance Lifestyle for yourself.

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