Making Life Safer for Seniors with Impaired Vision

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Vision impairment is common among older adults.  Major causes of failing vision are cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, and complications from diabetes.  Low vision often makes it difficult for seniors to perform everyday tasks such as reading, cooking, and driving.  People with low vision are at increased risk for falls, a leading cause of injuries and hospitalizations in older adults.

Families can help ensure elderly loved ones with impaired vision have safe living conditions, whether they live at home or in assisted living facilities.  The following are some ways to eliminate hazards and provide a safer living environment.

Minimize Fall Risks

·        Eliminate clutter – Remove trip hazards such as mats, throw rugs, electrical cords and cables, and shoes around outside doors.  Do not place items on stairs.

·        Create clear pathways – Move or rearrange furniture to create safe areas to walk.  Remove anything that blocks doorways.  Provide clear access to bathrooms.

·        Repair outside walkways that are uneven or broken.

Ensure Adequate Lighting

Change bulbs to a brighter wattage.  Use a nightlight in the bedroom and bathrooms.  Increase task lighting in the kitchen and other areas as needed.  Ensure outside lighting at doors and along walkways is adequate to illuminate the area.

Eliminate Bathroom Hazards

The bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house, primarily due to slippery and hard surfaces.  Organize essentials so that they are within easy reach.  Install grab bars or rails in the tub/shower and beside the toilet.  Provide a bench or seat in the shower.  Use a non-slip mat in the tub/shower.

Renaissance Villages Senior Living Options

Renaissance Villages has a partnership with EmpowerMeSM Wellness, an on-site therapy program that provides rehabilitation therapy services, education, and fitness and wellness services.  Their specialized low vision program, Let Me See, is designed to improve sight and sight-related activities to enhance quality of life.  Accommodations focus on residents struggling with decreased visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, perceptual impairments, and vestibular complications.

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Renaissance Villages understands how important it is for our residents to get to their medical appointments, especially when they no longer drive.  A family member may not always be available to take them.  We offer transportation options so that residents can go to and from their appointments or run errands.  These are just some of the ways we provide support and care for our residents as they age.  Contact us for information about our living options.    

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