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EmpowerMe Wellness TOUCH is an on-site therapy program designed to help promote independence for residents by offering individualized care. We facilitate this individualized care through on-site concierge-styled rehabilitation therapy services, education, fitness and wellness, TOUCH Specialized Programs, and care coordination.

What's unique about this partnership with Renaissance Villages is the program's ability to provide a full scope of therapy services, which also provides a more personal interaction between the residents and therapist. As such it enables residents to receive the therapy services they need without having to leave the community. This resource is also available to seniors in the surrounding area. Furthermore, it offers positive outcomes of enhancing residents' quality of life, greater satisfaction, quick access to care, personalized programs, and optimal level of function.

EmpowerMe Wellness TOUCH Specialized Programs

COVID-19 Recovery Rehab Program

Residents are assessed and provided interdisciplinary treatment holistically to address the many systems involved with recovery. Treatment of residents impacted by COVID-19 is geared toward the following goals:

  • Improve respiratory capacity
  • Stabilize vitals including HR, RR and SPO2
  • Increase cardiopulmonary function
  • Improve safety, independence and functional capacity
  • Improve patients understanding of disease process and risks

Dining with Dignity

Dining with Dignity assesses the dining experience within your community including:

  • Environment
  • Seating
  • Food delivery
  • Resident screening for physical, cognitive, social and behavioral abilities

Promoting a social dining experience, that’s safe and enjoyable.

Fitness & Wellness

EmpowerMe Wellness’ fitness and wellness programs are designed to keep residents healthy, for enhanced independence and quality of life. Led by trained, professional staff, our programs include:

  • Personal fitness training
  • Group exercise classes
  • Monthly lecture series given by healthcare professionals
  • Wellness screenings: to identify areas where residents may need help

Let Me See, Low Vision Program

Low vision program, Let Me See, is designed to improve sight and sight-related activities to enhance quality of life. Compensatory, low vision accommodations focus on community members struggling with:

  • Decreased visual acuity
  • Contrast sensitivity
  • Perceptual impairments
  • Vestibular complications

Onsite therapy services

Onsite therapy services

Focused Mind

Our cognitive behavioral management program, Mindful Living, is a collaborative approach with the entire inter-disciplinary team and the resident’s family. Person-centered goals address:

  • Cognitive changes
  • Behaviors
  • Memory loss

Mobility Fall Reduction

Falls can be a serious problem and are the leading cause of injury for people 65 and older. They can lead to major injury, hospitalization, loss of mobility and decreased independence. Prevent falls and fractures with our Falls Reduction Program:

  • Strength & Balance
  • Safety & Home modification
  • Education
  • Mobility enhancement


    After surgery, joints undergo a healing period. Post-Surgical Therapy Programs can help use healing tissues correctly, to promote mobility, strength, flexibility and function and improve surgical outcomes:

    • Individualized assessment and treatment
    • State-of-the-art modalities including electric stimulation and ultrasound
    • Convenient scheduling to allow residents to rehab in their community

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