Department of Veterans’ Affairs Update

Are you looking into Veteran’s Benefits to help cover assisted living or memory care costs? You may not be aware of recent changes made to VA Pension rules by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. Below we’ve compiled a list of the main differences you need to consider in applying for VA Pension. First of all, … Continued

department of veterans' affairs

Dementia & the PB&J Tooth Sandwich

I was talking to my sister about the PB&J tooth sandwich, and she’d asked how long it had been since Joe was diagnosed with dementia and then she asked me if it was “getting hard” to be with Joe. Here was my response to her questions: “I guess the answer depends on one’s definition of … Continued


Meet Bob, Resident Senior Spotlight

Robert “Bob” J. is this month’s Resident Senior Spotlight. Bob was born in Albany, Georgia 150 miles south of Columbus. He’s the second oldest of four boys. Bob remembers always rough housing with his brothers and he feels they had a good upbringing. They grew up as “military brats” as his father was in the United States Air Force. This caused … Continued

Resident Senior Spotlight

Meet Ethel, Murrieta Senior Resident Spotlight

This month’s Murrieta Senior Resident Spotlight is Ethel K.  Ethel K. was born in Artesia, California during the summer of 1929. She was an only child, but her parents also adopted a boy that lived with them. Her grandmother owned a restaurant that Ethel worked at waiting tables as a teenager. During the Great Depression, … Continued

Murrieta Senior Resident

A Personal Experience with Dementia

It has been my personal experience as well as observing others’ experiences with the same issue–the penchant that Alz/ dementia sufferers have for asking the same question over and over again. This behavior is probably one of the most difficult to deal with. I think, too, that it is so difficult because it seems to start early in the disease, at least … Continued

Personal Experience With Dementia

Options for Independent Living

Looking for independent living options for seniors? There are plenty of different options out there, but which one is right for you? Below we highlight the different types of living options for seniors. This senior living option is great for seniors who live an active lifestyle. Additionally, some communities may have age requirements between the … Continued

Options for Independent Living

Independent Living vs Assisted Living

Families often find themselves facing the question: What is the difference between assisted living and independent living facilities? In seeking senior care for a loved one you may be unsure of what’s the right fit. There are several differences between these two types of senior living communities. Below we will take a look at independent … Continued

Assisted Living vs Independent Living

Living with Early Memory Loss Three-Part Series

Renaissance Village Murrieta is once again partnering with the California Southland Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association to offer a new and FREE three part-series to residents and the local community. The new series is titled: Living with Early Memory Loss. This series is great for those who are experiencing early memory loss and their families. The … Continued

Renaissance Village Murrieta

Family Education Series at Renaissance Village Rancho Belago

Did you miss the Family Education Series earlier this year at Renaissance Village Murrieta? Not to worry, we’re offering it again at Renaissance Village Rancho Belago. We’re partnering with the Alzheimer’s Association’s California Southland Chapter to present this valuable three-part series. Each class provides education, practical guidance and tools to those caring for someone with … Continued

brain power

Spaghetti and Bingo Fundraisers for Alzheimer’s

The 2018 Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Riverside on September 22 and in Temecula on October 7 are fast approaching. We are hard at work raising funds for the fight against Alzheimer’s. Help push us over the edge in our goals by attending out Spaghetti and Bingo Fundraisers at Renaissance Village Murrieta and Rancho Belago. … Continued

Bingo Fundraisers

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