Pet Volunteer Application

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    Thank you for your interest in our volunteer program.

    You have a very important role in our community. Your role is to enhance our residents’ quality of life. We take that seriously, and we hope you do the same. Our Activity Director will sit with you to create a plan that would fit our residents’ needs. At the same time, we would like for you to enjoy your time spent here. Please do not hesitate to share your new ideas with our Activities Director. Our goal is to have more fun everyday.

    1. Cell phones must be put away at the times of activites. If there is an urgent  call you must receive, please step outside or in a resting area,  complete your  phone call and return.
    2. Dress Code: Please make sure you dress appropriately (No flip flops, no piercing, no tattoos, no tank tops, no shorts)
    3.  Cleanliness: When you finish an activity, please make sure to clean up after your pet. If something is broken or is not working properly, please make sure to notify the Activity  Director.
    4. Volunteers are not to enter the kitchen or residents’ rooms at any times.
    5. Volunteers must be 16 years of age and older. Younger volunteers must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
    6. We count on you and your commitment to our residents. No call / No show volunteers will be excluded from our volunteer program. Please contact the Activity Director directly if you can not make it on time. Please do not leave messages with other staff members to avoid any miscommunication.
    7. Please ALWAYS be polite in speaking to our residents and staff. It is very important!

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