Hearing Loss in Older Adults

Age-related hearing loss is common in older adults. Approximately one-third of seniors have some degree of hearing impairment. Some people don’t realize the extent to which their hearing has changed, since it may have occurred gradually. Friends and families may notice the problem first. Age-related hearing loss usually affects both ears equally.

Common Signs of Hearing Loss

·   Difficulty following a conversation when more than one person is speaking

·   Difficulty understanding phone conversations

·   Problems understanding speech when there is background noise

·   Asking people to repeat things or speak louder

·   Thinking people are mumbling

·   Turning up the volume on the TV or music

·   Inability to hear higher pitched noises such as buzzers or doorbells

Common Causes of Hearing Loss in Older Adults

·   Age-related – Often due to changes or damage to the inner ear or auditory nerve; inherited factors (may run in families)

·   Health conditions including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, meningitis, ruptured eardrum, or a buildup of earwax blocking the ear canal

·   Certain medications including some antibiotics, cancer drugs, and high doses of aspirin or other pain relievers

·   Exposure to loud noises including music, gunshot noise, job related noise such as in factories, construction work, or operating heavy machinery

Have Your Hearing Tested

Anyone noticing problems with their hearing should have it checked by a medical professional. Talk to your family doctor or make an appointment with an ear, nose, and throat specialist (otolaryngologist). An audiologist can also evaluate and measure hearing loss.

Older people may become withdrawn or depressed when they cannot hear well. They may become lonely or socially isolated. Hearing loss in older adults has been linked to an increased risk of falls. Studies have shown that cognitive abilities decline faster when there is hearing loss.

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