Hidden Costs of Assisted Living

Looking to make a move into an assisted living community? The cost of assisted living can be your key focus of whether a community is right for you. We always get asked, “How much does assisted living cost?” But, it’s essential to know all the facts when it comes to looking at your potential monthly assisted living costs. Don’t fall victim to the hidden costs of assisted living! Know what you should ask about up front.

Move-In Senior Living Costs

Community Fee

Most assisted living communities charge a community fee before moving into the community. The community fee generally covers the move-in process and preparing your apartment.

Hidden Costs of Assisted Living


Seniors may not have the means or the support to pack and move their possessions to a new home or apartment. They may need to hire an outside company to help with the packing and moving. Senior Move Masters is a company that specializes in moving seniors. They have a variety of services that can include assessments, downsizing assistance, inventory, packing, moving, and unpacking.

Monthly Assisted Living Costs


Each assisted living community has a different way of calculating care costs for their residents. Most often an assessment done by a nurse or wellness director from the community determines a resident’s care senior living costs. They will assess the resident and decide the level of care and assistance the senior will need. Additionally, some communities offer care a la carte, meaning by services, while others combine it all within one monthly average assisted living cost. Lastly, some senior care communities also give you the option of using in-home care, which is carried out by a third-party.


Generally, costs at assisted living communities are broken down into two monthly fees: rent and care. The average cost of assisted living rent can vary by state, region, and community. The size of the apartment can also affect the value of the monthly rent. Most often, communities offer studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom apartments. Other costs that affect rent may be due to the apartment’s location, view, or whether it has a patio.

Ancillary Costs

Second Occupancy

If your parents plan on sharing an apartment at an assisted living apartment, keep in mind that there is generally a cost associated with the second occupancy. This monthly fee covers the second person’s portions of utilities, meals, etc. Contact us to learn more about Renaissance Villages’ monthly second occupancy fee.


Not all communities include cable, internet, and telephone within their utilities cost. Be sure to check in with your assisted living community to determine what their utility costs include. At Renaissance Villages, cable, internet, and telephone are all included with your monthly rent cost.


Some assisted living communities will charge extra for laundry and/or putting it away for residents. At Renaissance Villages, laundry and housekeeping are weekly services included within your monthly rent cost.


Transportation options vary by community. Some assisted living communities offer complimentary transportation to appointments in the surrounding area, while others may incur a cost for travel. Renaissance Villages offer complimentary transportation services three times a week to anywhere within 10 miles of the community. Transportation is booked on a first come first served. For additional information on our transportation policy, please call us.

Out of Community

Some communities charge residents fees while they’re away. While basic rent is an ongoing fee, you can stop care. It’s important to notify the community straight away when leaving on a trip. Policies and timeframes can vary by location. To learn more about our out of the community policy, please call us.

Increases in Care Needs

As residents’ care needs change, the cost of care may also increase. Be sure the community you’re looking into notifies you promptly regarding changes in care needs, especially cost. Renaissance Villages notifies the resident immediately, and we notify the family ASAP.

Assisted Living at Renaissance Villages

Renaissance Villages offer engaging, and resident-focused assisted living programs. Each resident’s care plan is catered to meet their needs and aid them in thriving in their new home. That being said, the cost of assisted living facilities varies but here at Renaissance Villages, you can count on quality care.

Renaissance Village Murrieta now offers a more intimate option for assisted living. The Assisted Living Villa is ideal for residents who desire a smaller environment or closer monitoring. Call today to schedule a tour, chat about the assisted living cost per month, and experience the Renaissance Lifestyle for yourself.

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