Showing Residents Support Every Day

Renaissance Villages offers Veterans Benefits for assisted living not only to the brave men and woman but spouses as well. Going to great lengths to support, honor and show appreciation to residents every day. These amazing individuals have lived eventful lives, and we want to celebrate that by continuing to create great days for our residents.

The Renaissance Lifestyle is a prime example of how residents feel cared for and appreciated. Everything we do is resident-driven and allows residents to have input on the activities, food, care and more. We promote the independence of residents and encourage them to be part of the conversation. Caregivers and staff are here to provide support when and where it’s needed.

The support we offer goes beyond care, the community itself is purpose-built and allows residents to age in place without having to worry about moving as their care needs change. Renaissance Village is their home, and we encourage residents to treat it as such. The various common areas throughout the community, allow residents to foster true friendships as they fellowship with other residents and their families. Our caregivers and staff foster strong bonds with our residents, and we truly see everyone as part of one big family.

In further celebrating the lives of our residents, we show honor to the brave men and women who have fought for our freedom. We show honor to each by placing their photo, name, and rank on our Veteran’s Wall. This wall showcases residents and spouses of residents that have served in the military. We also help residents get the benefits they deserve through partnering with great elder law attorneys and organizations that specialize in expediting the application process to ensure veterans see their benefits sooner.

We support our residents the minute they come through the door and work hard to make the transition into senior living as easy as possible for seniors and their families.


  • Wartime Veterans or the surviving spouse (marriage must have ended due to death of veteran), aged 65 or older or permanently disabled, and in need of assisted living.
  • Veterans must have served at least 90 continuous days of active duty, with at least one day during a time of war.
  • Veterans must have received an honorable, general or medical discharge.

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