Why It’s Important for Seniors to Stay Physically Active

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Seniors can enjoy a number of important benefits by staying physically fit. Your assisted care facility or independent living community can often assist in this process with specialized senior fitness classes that can help older people stay healthier and more flexible. Here are five important benefits of fitness classes for seniors in our area.

Fitness Programs Can Improve Cognitive Abilities

Studies have shown that engaging in regular exercise can help older adults stay mentally sharp and can improve cognition. This can often delay the onset or stop the progress of dementia and other cognitive disorders for older people. Along with regular visits to a healthcare provider, staying fit and active can be a great method for staying mentally healthy and protecting cognitive abilities.

Staying Active Improves Heart Health

Regular exercise sessions can also improve circulation and can reduce blood pressure levels, which can improve the health of your heart. Exercise can also help to reduce stress levels that could have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system. Aerobic exercises are especially helpful. By engaging in exercise programs like Geri-Fit, you can often improve your health significantly while enjoying a brisk exercise session in the company of friends.

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Senior Fitness Classes Reduce the Risk of Falls

Exercising can also improve balance and strength, both of which can reduce the chance of falls that could result in broken bones and loss of mobility. Increased muscle tone can help seniors to feel more confident when walking or engaging in other activities during their daily routines. By working with a qualified exercise coach to engage in strength training and to improve your sense of balance, you can avoid serious accidents that could affect your ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

Fitness Programs Offer Social Interactions

Participating in fitness programs can also provide opportunities for interacting and connecting with other people. This is especially true in the assisted living and independent living communities. Senior fitness sessions are an ideal way to meet new people and to engage with them in a friendly and low-pressure environment. Finding a facility that offers regular fitness sessions for residents can make a big difference in your emotional health as well as improving your overall physical condition.

Physical Activities Can Improve Mobility

Exercise programs like Geri-Fit are designed to meet the needs of seniors in assisted living and independent living environments. These senior fitness classes can help you stay flexible to ensure greater mobility and an improved quality of life. Along with regular visits to your healthcare provider and other healthy lifestyle choices, making time for fitness can have a real impact on your health and on your ability to continue doing the things you love throughout your golden years.

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