Living at Home vs. Assisted Living

Assisted Living vs. Living at Home

A reason that we often find preventing seniors from truly considering assisted living, is their desire to spend the rest of their life in their homes. Who wouldn’t want to continue living at home? Your house holds all your favorite memories. While the idea of aging at home sounds ideal, it’s not always the best fit for everyone. As the years pass, this becomes even more apparent.

Is Living at Home Ideal?

Your home once was bustling with your spouse and children, but you may now find yourself alone more often than you would like. You once kept everything spotless, but the house seems like it’s grown a lot larger than it used to be, and you don’t have the energy to keep everything in order.

In addition, you may find yourself settling for fast food more often. Having issues with mobility? Difficulty getting around may also keep you from

living at home.

going out and spending time with friends. Factor in COVID-19, and you may feel disconnected from those you love.

“I’m Not Moving into Senior Living!”

Many seniors that talk with us have a plethora of preconceived notions of what assisted living is.

“I don’t want to live somewhere dark and dingy, that will rob me of my freedom and have me live alongside a bunch of senior citizens.”

  • Dark & Dingy

    Let’s dispel these ideas right from the start. Assisted living shouldn’t be dark and dingy. If it is, we wholeheartedly agree. Who would want to live in a place like that? Assisted living is full of life. It allows residents to feel part of a more significant community. If anything, it should feel like home.

  • Resident Independence

    In addition, assisted living doesn’t rob you of freedom. On the contrary, it helps empower you to do all the things that you love to do. We’re not here to tell you what you can and cannot do, but rather assist you in doing those activities. Assistance looks different for everybody; some may need more help while others need less. We’re here for exactly what you need and do so in a way that is discreet and respectful.

  • Senior Citizens

    We can’t dispute the senior citizen comment, but we will share why this is a bonus rather than a burden. When you move into an assisted living community, you’re moving into a home with more opportunities for social interaction. Social interaction is something that many seniors don’t get as often as they need it.

Assisted living communities provide activities for people at all levels and also create convenience for establishing connections and friendships between residents. Not only will you have neighbors, but you can share a meal or participate in activities with friends.

Assisted Living at Renaissance Villages

Renaissance Villages’ assisted living options offer a myriad of benefits to seniors in southern California. Seniors have care staff available 24/7, chef-prepared meals three times a day, daily recreational and social activities, and weekly housekeeping and linen service to name a few. When you move to our senior living communities, you become part of the Renaissance Villages Family. We’re here to create great days for our residents, and we look forward to doing the same for you.

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