Murrieta Resident Spotlight: Bobby R.

Bobby R. – Murrieta Resident Spotlight

This month’s Murrieta Resident Spotlight is Bobby R.

Bobby R. was born on December 27, 1935, in Idaho Falls, Idaho. When he was three years old, they moved to Washington. He is the oldest of four children. Bobby remembers that his younger brother would always tell all the bullies on the block “you better stop or I’m gonna tell my big brother!” His brother went on to become a Marine and protected Bobby instead.

He remembers his mother never worked outside the home, was very kind, and spent a lot of time at church. His father was the finest man you could ever meet. He loved everybody, and Bobby remembers his father being kind, considerate and nice to people. Bobby enjoyed going on picnics as a family, and would go fishing, and deer hunting in the fall with his father.

His family later moved to Portland, Oregon, and he lived there most of his young life. He enjoyed high school and made lifelong friends that he still talks to on a weekly basis. Bobby was very involved in high school. He had his one radio show and sang baritone in a trio group called the Debonairs. Bobby and his two buddies sang all sorts of favorite songs. They tried out for a talent show, but the Vietnam War draft was approaching. To avoid being drafted, he and one of his buddies joined the Air Force. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to sing when they got the call because of it.

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Life in the Air Force

Bobby enjoyed his time in the Air Force. He got to see the world, history, and all the things he’d read about. Bobby spent a year on the Island of Guam and got to visit the Mariana Islands, Tokyo, Tachikawa, Wake Island, and Kwajalein Atoll. He shares they had days when things were testy and tough, but most of all it was an experience. Bobby was also part of Strategic Air Command (SAC) and was in the security police. They maintained security on a flight light for all the bombers because they had Atomic bombs on them, and they needed to prevent them from getting into the wrong hands. He made rank quickly and discharged as Airman First Class.

Bobby anticipated going to Radio and TV Broadcasting school when he discharged. However, he married Donna, a girl that he dated in high school, a year before his discharge. They corresponded through letters while he served in the Air Force, and the two married. The two also had one son together named Scott. Donna and Bobby had good years and bad years, and after 30 years of marriage, they decided to divorce.

A Love of Sales

Bobby graduated from Sales Training Institute in Portland, Oregon. He learned he was good at sales and wanted to pursue it. After attending a family reunion, he received an opportunity to interview for a job in California. He interviewed and accepted a job working in a warehouse. However, he wanted to go out on the road. After some convincing, the company gave him a company car, insurance, and a gas card. He covered the areas of San Bernardino,

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Riverside, parts of Los Angeles and Nevada. Bobby enjoyed raising his son, Scott. They went to football games and did all sorts of activities together. One of Bobby’s fondest memories were the times he would take Scott and his friends out sailing. They would sail to Catalina Island and spend the weekend fishing.

Bobby later went on to found Pacific Southwest Industries, a manufacturer representative company that represented plumbing industries from New York, Chicago, and other states within the Southern California and Nevada areas. The company later evolved to a distribution company. They would design and build plumbing pumping systems. However, the recession hit and there wasn’t enough to go around. Bobby left the company and his son, Scott, took over. Scott helped continue running the company successfully, working with the Walmart corporation and other businesses. Scott retired at 56 and still consults for the company. Additionally, Owen, Bobby’s grandson, also has a hand in the company.

Bobby went to work for an industrial plumbing supplies company in Minnesota. As the company’s regional sales manager, he traveled the western United States from Montana to Alaska and Hawaii. Bobby took care of all of the regional equipment manufacturers and distribution centers. He worked for the Minnesota company for 4.5 years before receiving an offer he couldn’t refuse from a company in Ohio.

Retirement & Renaissance Village Murrieta

Bobby’s other grandson lives in Minnesota with his wife who is currently studying to be a teacher. He also has one granddaughter and a great-grandchild. Bobby enjoys spending time with them all at the ranch his kids purchased in the Tehachapi Mountains when he can get up there. He has a mechanical aptitude and in his spare time he would make woodwork pieces. Bobby made picture frames, chairs, tables, and if given the opportunity feels he could build a house. Additionally, Bobby also likes writing limericks and pieces that rhyme.

Bobby enjoys living at Renaissance Village Murrieta. He’s done a great job to go out of his way to become acquainted with everyone. Bobby enjoys talking to people and makes it a habit of sitting with a different person each evening for dinner. He also helps residents who are unable to drive by taking them out when he can. Bobby shares that he was impressed with the staff his first day because everyone called him by his first name. He thinks that team is friendly, and he cannot say enough about the servers in the dining room. Bobby shares that at Renaissance Village Murrieta, you wake up every morning happy.

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