Meet Ethel, Murrieta Senior Resident Spotlight

Murrieta Senior Resident Spotlight

This month’s Murrieta Senior Resident Spotlight is Ethel K.
Ethel K. was born in Artesia, California during the summer of 1929. She was an only child, but her parents also adopted a boy that lived with them. Her grandmother owned a restaurant that Ethel worked at waiting tables as a teenager. During the Great Depression, they didn’t have to worry about food. Her grandmother supported them. 
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Married with Children

She married young and had two sons with her first husband. But, the marriage didn’t last. They went their separate ways and Ethel began roller skating at a local rink. She made friends with a man in the Air Force and he taught her everything about roller skating. That man told his friend, John, on base that he was going to marry her, yet, it was actually John who later married her.

John wanted to marry Ethel, but she didn’t want to jump into another marriage. Plus she did not have anyone  to watch her sons if she were to date

someone. John offered to take care of the boys while she went out to see how she liked other men. But, John had everything she wanted in a husband and the two were later married in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ethel shares it was one of the best decisions she ever made because he was a wonderful husband and father.

John & the Air Force

John was in the Air Force for 22 years and he served in Korea. Ethel shared it was hard having him in Korea during their marriage. In the Air Force, John drove gasoline trucks to make sure the airplanes had gasoline. Despite difficulties, Ethel is proud of John’s service in the military. She never regretted it. She loved the travel associated with it. The got to live in Germany, Spain, South Carolina, Arizona, and California.
In addition to the two boys from her first marriage, Ethel had three girls with John. One was born in South Carolina, one in Germany, and the last in Tucson. Ethel enjoys being a mother. She loves all her kids the same, and recalls always having to count them went they went out to make sure she had them all.
After John discharged from the Air Force, his first job was cleaning up spilled oil on the beach. He later worked making cables and then went on to become a driver’s license examiner. Ethel and John were together for 63 wonderful years before she lost him four years ago. One of her daughters had Multiple Sclerosis and Ethel had to say goodbye to her about two months ago.

Ethel the Great Grandmother

Today, Ethel is a great-grandmother and has many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She enjoys playing bingo. She also loves going on the various outings offered at Renaissance Village Murrieta. Ethel shares that everybody is so nice and she loves living here. She adds that she tells everybody that it’s a great place to live. Ethel shares she’s had a wonderful life and doesn’t have any regrets about any of it.
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